Connecticut Spring & Stamping offers design and engineering assistance with:

  • Assemblies
  • Diversified fourslide equipment
  • MIL-SPEC grade springs
  • Machining
  • Metal stampings
  • Proprietary method to manufacture stampings produced to fine blank requirements at significantly reduced cost
  • State of the art spring making equipment
  • Tooling designed and built in-house
  • Utilizing stamping capabilities from 30 ton Bruderers to 300 ton Minsters

Firearm components include:

  • Action Bars
  • Ejector Springs
  • Feed Latches
  • Flat M Springs
  • Interceptor Latches
  • Magazine Springs
  • Magazine Tube Assemblies
  • Rear Sight
  • Receiver End Plates
  • Recoil Springs
  • Saddle Rings
  • Slide Stop Assemblies

Some of our firearms products are made for the AR 15/M16, please visit the AR 15/M16 page for more information.

Please visit our Firearms Gallery. You may also submit a Request for Quote on a product or feel free to Contact Us with any additional questions you may have pertaining to our firearms manufacturing quality capabilities.