Connecticut Spring & Stamping is an international manufacturer and supplier of metal stampings to industries that make medical devices, firearms, aerospace components, consumer products, office products and more. We offer design collaboration and prototyping for our customers and are a partner in the new product development process. Low volume, short-run manufacturing is available as well as high volume production and warehousing.

Machined Stampings

CSS has the capability of applying CNC machining processes to stamped parts to generate finished parts with unique and difficult to produce features. Customers can achieve significant savings by having their basic components made with stampings, then incorporating more critical features by CNC machining.

CSS has CNC machining centers that produce completely smooth edges on windows, slots and holes in parts where a smooth edge condition is critical.

Please visit our Stampings Gallery. You may also submit a Request for Quote or Contact Us with any questions you may have pertaining to our Stampings manufacturing capabilities.