Firearms AR-15/M16


AR-15/M16 Components

Action Spring [17-7]
Action Spring [Music]
Auto Sear Spring
Bolt Catch Spring
Buffer Retainer Spring
Car Action Spring [17-7]
Car Action Spring [Music]
Charging Handle Latch
Charging Handle Latch Spring
Clutch Spring
Cover Spring
Detent Take Down Spring
Disconnector Spring (3rd Burst or Full Auto)
Disconnector Spring (Semi Auto Only)
Ejection Port Cover Door (.223)
Ejection Port Cover Door (.308)

Minimum Shipment is $250.00
Ejector Spring (Selector Spring)
Elevation Spring
Extractor Spring
Front Sight Spring
Gas Ring, Bolt
Hammer Spring 2 (Semi Auto Only)
Hammer Spring (3rd Burst or Full Auto)
Handguard Cap
Handguard Cap-Grenade Launcher
Index Spring 1 (3rd Burst or Full Auto)
Index Spring 2 (Semi Auto Only)
Magazine Catch Spring
Plunger Spring / Forward Assist
Rear Sight Spring
Receiver End Plate
Trigger Guard Spring
Trigger Spring

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