No job is too big or small with CSS.

At CSS, we produce more than just your conventional springs and stampings. We thrive on creating innovative, advanced, and difficult-to-make parts. Driven by early engineering involvement, we work with you to develop comprehensive tooling and production solutions for your most demanding products. Companies and recognized industry leaders partner with us because they know they can rely on our ability to tackle the most challenging of metal components and assemblies. CSS has an established international presence and is capable of supporting customers worldwide.

As a comprehensive solution provider, we offer a vast offering of diversified metal forming, wire forming, machining and assembly capabilities. You can effectively reduce your vendor base for different parts by turning to our one-stop shop. We collaborate with our customers through all aspects of development, managing each project from prototyping, assembly and product launch to full volume production. Our prototyping resources help to ensure a quick turnaround of the product development cycle, allowing for many rounds of design iterations and validation, and manufacturing products to exacting customer specifications.