Welding Capabilities

CSS employs cutting edge welding technologies to provide unmatched quality and precision when bonding metal. We currently utilize two forms of welding, resistance and laser. We strive to achieve pinpoint accuracy in joining metals, ensuring seamless integration and flawless assemblies.

  • During the welding work pieces are brought into direct contact with each other and an electric current is passed through them. The heat generated by the resistance to these current causes the metals to melt and join together. There's no significant distance between the heat source (electrodes) and the work piece.
  • Laser welding utilizes a highly focused laser beam as the heat source. The distance between the laser source and the work piece can vary depending on the specific setup and type of laser used. Typically, the work piece is positioned a short distance (a few millimeters to a few centimeters) away from the laser source.

The use of our newest robotic work center streamlines the manufacturing process with rapid, high-speed welding that maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime. For intricate components, our welding solutions adapt to diverse applications with ease.

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