Fineblanking Production

GKP-F 250

Fineblanking is a unique stamping process that produces minimum die roll and significantly improved sheared edge condition as compared to traditional stamping methods. This allows us to efficiently create parts with challenging features that would typically require secondary operations or might be beyond a base stamping capability.

Using a new triple-action fineblanking press, CSS is able to produce completely leveled parts with clean-cut, right-angled surfaces and exceptionally smooth edges. The process can yield parts with flatness that is nearly impossible to achieve with more conventional stamping processes. Our single-station compound fineblanking tool produces a finished part in one press stroke, and a post step deburring operation ensures the perfect finish for any application.

Fineblanking is ideal for economically producing highly complex, ready-to-install multifunctional parts in medical and firearms applications, particularly for smaller parts up to 2.5 inches long, with material thicknesses of up to ¼-inch. With this process, we can produce parts that are typically 30-40 percent cheaper than a part that is stamped and machined – with some parts as much as 75 percent cheaper, depending on the specific part configuration. Depending on the part or application requirements, CSS can combine fineblanking with CNC machining to add more high-precision features, and less required machining yields a more cost competitive part.