Spring Production

CSS focuses on engineering springs for manufacturability and consistency to help our customers perfect designs and reduce costs. We develop springs to exacting customer specifications using round, square, braided and shaped wire ranging from .004" to .350" in diameter, cut from a wide range of standard and special materials. We offer short run and high volume production runs with a broad range of coilers, automatic looping machinery, grinding, and secondary processes to bring your spring design to life.

Our engineers use prototyping to reduce costs and make springs more manufacturable for our customers. In many instances, approximately five to ten springs will be made for use in early prototypes. Engineers test each spring for greater or lesser loads, diameter, and material, working through many iterations and restrictions until the spring is able to meet the customer’s needs. In the case of a compression spring for one particular medical device, CSS produced 70,000 prototype parts for qualification testing and repeatability needed for FDA approval.

The difference with CSS is that companies gain access to expert engineering assistance during the spring prototyping stage of development, which allows them to experiment with numerous choices until they find the one that works best for their application. The development process may generate one or two variations, which continue to undergo testing before a decision is made on which spring to take through to commercial production.