We partner with all types of companies who depend on us to deliver critical components within a consistent and reliable supply chain model. Our production capabilities include springs, stampings, machined stampings, fineblanked stampings, fourslide components, and assemblies. By applying the latest CNC machining technologies we’re able to enhance our precision blanked and stamped parts with unique, difficult-to-produce features. We also create challenging assemblies by bringing together multiple precision components, most of which are produced right here at CSS. Across the board, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to seamlessly deliver sophisticated components and significant cost savings for our customers.

We hold an additional advantage because our tooling and production teams collaborate closely as projects move from development stages to production. The CSS engineering team manages projects, with design reviews set for key stages in the development process. All phases of product design, tool design and tool build are controlled by a planning and monitoring system to ensure on-time delivery. Many additional part treatments and finishing processes are performed either by CSS or by our qualified supply chain partners.