Fourslide Production

At CSS, we offer slide forming machinery, which often proves economical for the production of intricate springs, stampings and wire forms. Although they are an older technology, slide forming machines are still an extremely cost effective option for the right combination of material, part configuration, and number of parts needed. CSS has had excellent success using fourslide equipment to produce parts to connect internal workings for medical devices, as well as blade locks found in jet engines and even float wires in gas tanks for connecting back to a sensor. Our material range is a wire diameter of .005" to .188" and flat stock range of .003" to .062".

Our fourslide, multislide, and vertislide machines are able to produce parts that cost substantially less than parts produced from power press tools. Slide forming machines do not need a carrying strip like that needed by progressive tools, so they are able to use material more efficiently. When the cost of materials can be as high as $60-70 per pound, reducing waste is key to developing a cost-effective part.

  • Fourslide tools cost substantially less than power press tools and are able to produce accurate, repeatable parts.
  • The multislide machine is very similar to the fourslide, but with the exception of up to 8 slides for extra forming motions. It can also often accommodate slightly thicker parts.
  • Vertislide refers to a fourslide or multislide machine that has its sides and tooling in a vertical position.