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Department Contacts

New Business Unit

Focuses upon customer business needs and preliminary production requirements while providing engineering assistance through the product launch.

Email: newbusiness@ctspring.com
Phone: 860.677.1341 ext. 222
Direct Fax: 860.677.6008

Engineering Support

Includes design assistance, prototyping & quick turnaround for all types of springs and metal stamped parts.

  • Springs: Estimating Engineer
    Phone: 860.703.1658
    Direct Fax: 860.677.4882
  • Metal Stamping and Fourslide: Estimating Engineer
    Phone: 860.703.1607
    Direct Fax: 860.677.4882

Customer Support

Combines purchasing, scheduling and customer service functions to provide immediate responses to your ever-changing needs.

Email: support@ctspring.com

Sales Support

Twelve dedicated, trained professionals covering all geographic points in the United States and overseas, including warehousing in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Asia.

Email: sales@ctspring.com


The CSS ITAR/EAR Export Compliance Management Program provides an extra added level of assurance that will protect all controlled technology transferred to us for any project.

Email: compliance@ctspring.com


Email: quality@ctspring.com
Phone: 860.677.1341 ext. 298


Receivable and Payables

Email: accounting@ctspring.com
Phone: 860.703.1640
Direct Fax: 860.703.1656

Remit To Address:
Connecticut Spring & Stamping Corporation
Dept 106018
PO Box 150431
Hartford, CT 06115-0431


Meets all State and Federal requirements

Email: environmental@ctspring.com
Phone: 860.677.1341 ext. 333
Direct Fax: 860.676.0541


Bar coding, and special packing capabilities

Email: shipping@ctspring.com
Phone: 860.677.1341 ext. 293
Direct Fax: 860.678.1693

Human Resource

Equal Opportunity Employer

Email: hr@ctspring.com
Phone: 860.677.1341 ext. 382
Direct Fax: 860.677.0762

Information Systems

Email: is@ctspring.com
Phone: 860.677.1341 ext. 205
Direct Fax: 860.676.0541

All Other Information

Email: contactus@ctspring.com
Phone: 860.703.1629
Direct Fax: 860.677.7199